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Native Apps

Capture the perfect Mobile Moment with an Android or iOS native app. All of our apps are custom built for their appropriate platform ensuring the most reliable experience for your customers.

Web Apps

In today's Digital Age, an elegant and intuitive website is the cost of doing business. Let us help you remain competitive in your field with a cutting edge website that is both modern and relevant.

Custom Apps

Every company has unique demands for it's digital tools. Using modern development practices, we can help develop the right solutions that address your organization's needs.

Our Approach is Different

We are a Lean shop; leveraging Lean UX, Lean management and empiricism.

Empiricism is the theory that the only knowledge humans can possess is based on experience, with an emphasis on evidence. It is a fundamental part of the scientific method, a process of validating all hypotheses by observation, and is represented as the Deming Cycle in Lean. This means that, although we come with professional experience and knowledge, we understand that every client, customer and situation is unique, and therefore we will not be saisfied until we can verify our results.

The three pillars of empiricism are transparency, inspection and adaptation. At Lone Wolff Technologies, we adhere to these pillars by granting transparency into our development process. Not only will you have frequent opportunities to inspect our progress, including work in progress, but we will provide an itemized invoice so you understand exactly what you are spending your money on. This is where you can see our lean management in action, as we only hire the people required to complete your project, with minimal overhead (research has proven that small team sizes allow for better collaboration and agility, resulting in quicker solutions at a lower cost). We build inspection into our entire process, from reviews to customer observation. This allows us to ensure the highest quality software and the effectiveness of the solution. Leveraging our third pillar of adaptation, we understand that it is impossible to fully know what you want until you see it, and therefore, after each inspection you will have an opportunity to adapt the direction of your solution. We ensure adaptability by employing modern development practices found in the DevOps movement that promote simple, elegant solutions with built-in quality that are easy to modify.

Lastly, through empiricism, we understand that no amount of planning will lead to 100% certainty. Instead of a rigorous, and costly planning phase up front, we utilize Lean UX, our experiences and research to begin our validation process as fast as is reasonably possible. Our overall Lean process ensures minimal waste of your funds, with a focus on caputring a return on your investment sooner than later. We manage this by performing multiple smaller releases throughout the project that incrementally provide value and validation as we go, as opposed to not receiving any returns or feedback until one large release at the end.

At the end of the day, we rate our success on tangible solutions and working software. Software is our passion, and as a software solution partner, we will advise you on what direction we think is best, give you options based on your situation, and collborate with you on the best course of action. We want our clients to be aware of the risks involved in the technology used, along with an understanding of the cost of ownership. Furthermore, at Lone Wolff Technolgoies, we stand by our clients and our products by offering a support phase at the end of all contracts to guarantee code stability and customer satisfaction. When the whole thing is over (and depending on the duration, throughout the project), clients will be given a survey to ensure we are able to consistently provide the best service in our industry.

Lone Wolff Technologies

Portfolio Highlight

LWT partnered with Daily Deals and their rewards program service provider to design and develop native Android and iOS mobile apps and the supporting APIs. LWT was able to leverage the company's existing design assets to deliver a rich user experience with Daily Deal's unique brand.

Now available on the Play Store and App Store!

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